The Power Up! program is designed for children and young people who are involved in sports, music, performance or academics in a competitive way.

The program offers participants with the opportunity to develop a unique set of psychological skills to improve their performances and manage the demands of competition.

There are six (6) core psychological skills covered in the program. They are:

  1. Goal Setting,
  2. Self-Talk,
  3. Imagery,
  4. Arousal Regulation,
  5. Focus and Competition planning.

To best benefit from this program participants are likely to be training or practicing under the instruction of coaches or teachers to improve their skills and prepare for regular competition or performance.

How has the Power Up! workshop been developed?

The Power Up! program has been developed based on the experience of Quirky Kid Psychologist Belinda Jones in her work with young elite performers at the Australian Institute of Sport, the ACT Academy of Sport and with young performers pursuing professional careers in the performing arts industry.

The program is supported by strong research in the field of performance psychology, all of the included skills being part of a comprehensive set of psychological skills practiced by the world’s elite performers. Psychological Skills Training (PST) follows the principles of Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, targeting a performer’s thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.