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Power Up Online: what facilitators need to know.

By August 12, 2014November 5th, 2014Facilitators

As you all probably know, we recently launched the online version of the Power Up! program. If you have note yet seen it, you can read the blog post at the Quirky Kid website. In this article however, we will explain the online version of the program to our facilitators.

What is the online version?

The online version is a rich multimedia addition to the workbook. This version is delivered via a website that is organised in sections just as the workbook and program content are. Each section includes  animated videos with instructions and key concepts of performance psychology explained.  The videos speaks directly with the participant and guides them to complete each section of the workbook.

Below you can see some screen shots of the tutorial videos:

Each time a participant purchases a workbook they also receive access to the online content via a username and password. This also includes the participants attending the workshops you offer privately. This makes the offer much more attractive. Access is for 6 months only.

One key aspect of this version is that it is constantly evolving as more content and animations are added regularly.

How do Facilitator access the online version?

Currently facilitators do not have access to the online content offered to participants.  This is soon to change and you will find a new option in the menu bar when you log it, called: Learn.

Only facilitators that have completed the training and accreditation will have access.

[Update] We have now included most of the videos and tutorials directly to the Lesson Plan sections for facilitators. There are still a couple missing and we are just finalising the edition process.

The material can be used to ‘polish off’ key concepts participants are expected to obtain, as well as during your workshops as a learning resource. We encourage you to use this as a complementary exercise to assist with generalisation between workshop or class sessions.

Can we offer this version to our clients?

The good news is yes. This version of the program can be offered without the need of a facilitator or a workshop.

It is an ‘off the shelf’ product. We are calling this sale model ‘affiliation’. An affiliate is a person that is not an accredited facilitator: eg can’t offer classes, workshops or courses’ but sells the online program. For each sale, Quirky Kid pays a commission of 20%.

Facilitators will also receive the status of an affiliate automatically. So you too can offer the online program as a product OR as the workshop. There are a range of ways to ensure we know you referred or sold the item (so you can claim your commission) and we will write a post just about that. The best way to start, however, is to use the marketing material we offer, display some items in your office and offer it in your office or on your website.

What is the benefits for us?

Some of the benefits are stated above like the 20% commission on sales. However we believe there are many more, like:

  • Increase credibility for the program;
  • Provision of reach learning resources that will support your brand and service
  • Added value for workshop sessions and offerings
  • Easy to access learning material for use during sessions
  • What are the other values you see?

How does this impact on the workshops we offer?

We think it makes them better. This is a win situation for us, for you as a facilitator and for the clients accessing the program. Our experience demonstrates that the online program is bringing more conversion for the workshops.

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