The Quirky Kid Clinic is a unique place for children and adolescents aged 0-18 years. We work from the child’s perspective to help families find their own solutions. We offer counselling and therapy, assessments, practical workshops, youth mentoring as well as developing and publishing therapeutic resources.

Our offices are located in Sydney, Wollongong and Richmond (Canada).

About our Workshops

We enjoy developing and presenting interactive workshops for toddlers, children, adolescents, families and professionals. Our workshops have been creatively developed by Kimberley O’Brien and our team over 15 years in the Child and Family field.

We strive for innovation to ensure our programs are inspiring, practical and effective for small groups in the clinic setting or demonstrative for large audiences in an auditorium. Quirky Kid workshops draw on our micro-skills in working with children combined with current research and practices in Australia, the USA and UK.

Our clinic-based workshops playfully address many common childhood issues such as managing anxiety, improving social skills, understanding separation and divorce, building self esteem and making yourself happy.

We work from the child’s perspective and use evidence-based group work techniques to encourage participation and learning in a therapeutic environment.

 About our Resources

Here at The Quirky Kid Clinic we love therapeutic resources and go to great lengths to personally develop and produce our hand-packed kits.

We are committed to providing parents and professionals around the world with creative and effective therapeutic tools that are tried, tested and loved in classrooms, clinics and loungerooms around the globe. We are constantly inspired by the young clients who visit us at Quirky Kid HQ and draw on their influences when developing our products.

Similarly, we would love to hear about your experiences with our materials.

Stay updated on all the latest innovations in therapeutic resources from the Quirky Kid Clinic at