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Getting Started as a Facilitator

By July 22, 2014November 5th, 2014Facilitators

If you are reading this post it is very likely because you have made an important step to become a licensed Power Up! facilitator. This article will discuss useful information about getting started as a Facilitator.

First of all, thank you for joining us in this program. We are committed to ensure you receive a very high standard of support to enable you to offer outstanding workshops for participants around Australia and abroad.

The first steps

Just like any other program, there are important administrative steps to ensure the day-to-day of a Power Up! facilitator is easy, productive and stress free. The items below should all be completed by now:

  1. Initial registration and facilitator’s fee paid;
  2. You have provided us with documentation e.g cover letter, CV, working with children check, ABN and signed contract;
  3. You have a user name and password to access the program manual;
  4. You have access to your online folder on BOX;
  5. You have received your Letter of Acceptance;

If you have not completed or received any of the above please contact us.

Accreditation Process

The next step is to complete your training and accreditation. This step provides integrity to the program and ensures sessions will be offered consistently across facilitators. As you would expect, there is huge amount of trust placed on facilitators not to deviate from the program content. However, this does not mean that we are not keen to hear about your feedback on how to make sessions and lesson plans better. We will soon post another article providing information on how to provide feedback on the content (basically by making comments on the articles).

You should follow these steps towards your accreditation.

  1. Log in to the Power Up! Website.
  2. Navigate around the website to become familiar with the structure.
  3. Review the Terms and Conditions as this document explains your rights and obligations as a facilitator
  4. Review the presentation for the Educational and Developmental Conference about Power Up!
  5. Review the pages within the facilitator section
  6. Review the background Information 
  7. Review the Suggested Structures
  8. Review the Notes for Facilitators
  9. Review the Intro Video
  10. Review ALL lesson plans and sections within.
  11. Complete your supervision session.

These are an important 11 steps. Please ensure you take the time to go through each one. Soon after you complete step 10, please contact us to arrange a supervision session. The are two kinds of supervision session. One is a clinical session and the second is the business and administrative session. You are eligible for both supervisions free of charge.

Please note that you can’t offer Power Up! sessions until you complete all steps above.

Offering your first workshop

Soon after you complete your accreditation and training you are ready to offer your first session. The steps below will assist you in designing your first session.

  1. Decide on the workshop format. Class, Workshop our Course. See suggested structures for more information.
  2. Decide on a date and time
  3. Decide on the age group you would like to engage
  4. Decide on the venue
  5. Decide on your rate
  6. Order the workbooks
  7. Send us an email to with the summary above so we can advertise and register your workshop for you.

You may not be aware, but we can manage all the registration processes for you (payment, booking forms, confirmation and reminders). Our automated process will make your workshops really easy. Please make use of this resource as it is free of charge (excluding booking fees).

Remember we are here to help!


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