Background Information

Important background information about the theoretical frameworks which inform Power Up! has been created to provide facilitators with the basic knowledge about Performance Psychology. The summary will assist you in understanding the rationale for the program and how this program can assist young performers in their pursuits. Review Background information.

Suggested Structure

The Power Up! program has been developed in the context of our practice. As such, there are three suggested delivery structures for the Power Up! program, designed to assist a range of participants at differing stages in their development, participate in the program. Review each structure requirement to establish the most appropriate learning environment for your group.

Notes for facilitator’s

Useful information about running the Power Up! sessions has been gathered over the course of our workshops. This information incorporates feedback from other facilitators as well as information from research on strategies which help facilitate the running of successful groups. This information will be reviewed and updated regularly based on feedback and research so please ensure you review Notes for Facilitator’s throughout the running of Power Up!

Lesson Plans

Essential information to guide the running of each lesson within the Power Up! program. Lesson Plans will include detailed information about the goals and objectives of the lesson, how it is best facilitated and practical applications for each lesson. Review all lesson plans here.

Tutorial Presentations

These powerpoint presentations offers facilitator’s an overall summary of each lesson to ensure the essential lesson components are covered and that each of your sessions provides participants with all of what the program has to offer. The tutorials are incorporated on each lesson plan and will be regularly revised.


Supervision with experienced Psychologists will be made available throughout the running of the Power Up! program. Consultations with experts in the field of Performance Psychology will also be made available if additional support is required. Contact us to arrange a supervision session.

Recent Lesson Plans